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Online Exclusive: Free Cannabis Seeds And Merchandise

Free Seeds

€ 25
1 Free Seed
€ 50
2 Free Seeds
€ 75
3 Free Seeds
€ 100
4 Free Seeds
€ 125
5 Free Seeds
You will receive a random pack from the Alice Seeds collection

Free Seeds

€ 150
7 Free Seeds
€ 200
10 Free Seeds
€ 300
20 Free Seeds
€ 500
35 Free Seeds
€ 750
60 Free Seeds
You will receive several random packs from the Alice Seeds collection and Freebies

Free Seeds

We offer a randomly selected cannabis seed for free with qualifying purchases made in our website. Simply place a minimum order of €25 to receive one free seed. For each spend threshold achieved (above €25), the number of seeds increases up to 60 free seeds! All seeds are selected at random from the Alice Seeds catalogue.

Our Freebies


Of all these free cannabis items, it's the seeds that have probably caught your attention. The Free Seeds are selected at random. No need to worry, though. These seeds come from some of our choice varieties including OG Kush, White Widow, Super Silver Haze, Cream Mandarine or another strains available in our stock.

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Dear customer,

Our website is currently planning to be upgraded to be able to ship internationally. So currently you will not be able to purchase seeds on the website nor will the full list of seeds be temporarily hidden. It is expected to open a new website in early 2023, on a new platform.

Please contact if you would like to distribute our products. Thank you very much for your understanding.


November 2022

Alice Seeds Team,