Cristal Candy XL - Auto

Size: 1 Seed
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Introducing Crystal Candy XL Autoflowering, the exquisite cannabis strain crafted with exceptional genetics straight from the USA. This extraordinary strain offers a truly delightful experience, combining powerful effects with tantalizing flavors and aromas that will leave you craving for more.

Immerse yourself in the euphoric embrace of Crystal Candy XL Autoflowering's potent effects. This strain is meticulously engineered to deliver a balanced high that uplifts your spirits while providing a calming relaxation. Experience a burst of creativity and focus, enhancing your productivity and overall well-being.

As you indulge in this delightful strain, prepare to be enchanted by its exquisite flavors and captivating aromas. Crystal Candy XL Autoflowering boasts a symphony of sweetness, blending hints of tropical fruits and sugary candies that dance on your palate with each inhale. It's a truly indulgent treat for the senses.

The versatility of Crystal Candy XL Autoflowering shines through, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you're seeking inspiration during a creative project or looking to unwind after a long day, this strain is your perfect companion. Enjoy it alone or share the experience with friends – the choice is yours.

Strain specifications:


Feminized, Automatic


Cristal Candy XL x Ruderalis


Indica-dominant hybrid

Outdoor yield:

Up to 150 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

400 - 500 gr/m²


70 - 120cm


17 - 21 %



Harvest time: 

8 - 10 weeks after germination


Sweet, tropical fruits, candy


Balanced, uplifting, creative, focus


Help to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, pain

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