Gelato Animal Cookies - Feminized

Size: 500 Seeds
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Gelato Animal Cookies is a mesmerizing cannabis strain that combines the indulgent sweetness of Gelato with the rich and diverse genetics of Animal Cookies. This hybrid cultivar captivates with its delectable flavor, alluring aroma, and a balanced combination of effects. With its eye-catching buds, enchanting scent, and pleasurable effects, Gelato Animal Cookies is sure to entice cannabis connoisseurs.

The buds of Gelato Animal Cookies exhibit a dense and chunky structure, often showcasing a vibrant range of purple hues intermingled with shades of green. Adorned with fiery orange pistils and generously coated in a layer of resinous trichomes, the buds are visually striking. Breaking them apart releases an enticing aroma that combines sweet, fruity notes with hints of vanilla and earthiness.

When consumed, Gelato Animal Cookies delights the palate with its complex and pleasing flavor profile. The initial taste is a blend of sweet, creamy notes reminiscent of gelato, followed by undertones of cookies and a subtle hint of spice. This combination creates a truly enjoyable and memorable taste experience.

In terms of effects, Gelato Animal Cookies provides a balanced and harmonious experience. It offers a cerebral uplift that stimulates creativity, enhances mood, and promotes a sense of euphoria. Simultaneously, it induces a gentle relaxation throughout the body, soothing muscles and calming the mind. These effects make Gelato Animal Cookies suitable for both daytime and evening use.

Strain specifications:


Feminized, photoperiod


Gelato x Animal Cookies





Outdoor yield:

Up to 800 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

500 - 600 gr/m²


19 - 23 %



Flowering time:

8 - 9 weeks

Outdoor harvest:

Late September


Sweet, fruity notes with hints of vanilla and earthiness


Cerebral, creative, uplifting, body high


Help to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, pain

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