Kosher Kush x White Widow - Feminized

Size: 1 Seed
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Kosher x White Widow is a captivating cannabis strain that combines the renowned genetics of Kosher Kush with the legendary White Widow. This hybrid cultivar offers a remarkable sensory experience with its unique blend of flavors, enticing aroma, and a balanced set of effects. With its visually appealing buds and potent attributes, Kosher x White Widow is sure to capture the attention of cannabis enthusiasts.

The buds of Kosher x White Widow typically exhibit a dense and resinous structure, showcasing a mix of deep green and vibrant orange hues. Adorned with fiery pistils and a generous dusting of trichomes, the buds possess an alluring appearance. Breaking them apart releases a complex aroma that combines earthy and spicy notes with hints of sweetness and pine.

Prepare to be enchanted by the rich and complex flavors of Kosher x White Widow. With each inhale, you'll be greeted by a delightful fusion of earthy and spicy undertones, complemented by subtle hints of citrus. This exquisite flavor profile adds a layer of sophistication to your cannabis indulgence, making it a true delight for connoisseurs.

The effects of Kosher x White Widow are equally impressive. This potent strain delivers a powerful and balanced high that transcends the mind and body. Experience a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility as stress and tension melt away. Simultaneously, a gentle euphoria uplifts your spirits, promoting a positive and uplifted mood.

Strain specifications:


Feminized, photoperiod


Kosher Kush x White Widow





Outdoor yield:

Up to 1000 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

550 - 650 gr/m²


18 - 22 %



Flowering time:

9 - 10 weeks

Outdoor harvest:

Early October


Earthy, spicy, sweet, pine, citrus


Euphoric, happy, calm, focus. uplifting


Help to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, pain

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