Welcome to Alice Seeds!

Our story began in 2015 when we recognized a significant knowledge gap surrounding cannabis strains in Asia. Driven by a desire to help cancer patients access Indica seeds with potent sedative effects, we embarked on a transformative journey. Over the years, we've cultivated strong relationships with breeders and seed banks in Europe, culminating in the establishment of Alice Seeds in 2020. Today, we proudly collaborate with trusted breeders boasting 15-20+ years of breeding expertise. This ensures that we deliver meticulously tested and qualified seeds to the market, constantly innovating and developing new strains tailored to emerging market demand and trends. As passionate cannabis enthusiasts, we actively engage with the global community, immersing ourselves in the study, research, and experimentation of the diverse genetic resources of the cannabis plant.

The global landscape surrounding cannabis is rapidly evolving, with an increasing number of countries legalizing it for medicinal and recreational purposes. The boundless applications of hemp, spanning industrial, nutritional, and pharmaceutical realms, continue to inspire us. At Alice Seeds, we're proud to be at the forefront of the burgeoning cannabis revolution.

Central to our ethos is the preservation of the diversity of the cannabis plant, driving our relentless commitment to its growth and evolution. Our team comprises seasoned professionals deeply entrenched in the cannabis industry, driven by a shared passion and dedication to providing unparalleled products and services to our valued customers.

Thank you for visiting our website and discovering the world of Alice Seeds. Whether you're looking to embark on your own seeds business or seeking a trusted, long-term partnership, we're excited to be your ally in navigating the ever-expanding landscape of the cannabis industry.