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Do Si Dos is a variety that easily stands out for its aroma and impressive resin load. Do Si Dos is a very special Indica-dominant cross from Archive Seeds that perfectly combines the properties of Face Off OG from Archive Seeds and a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype called OGKB (OG Kush Breath).

Cultivation features

The result is spectacular. 65 days of flowering to complete a growing cycle in which Do Si Dos shows countless positive growing characteristics that reflect the quality of the final product.

Do Si Dos is a variety with great hybrid potential that, under optimal growing conditions, is capable of exceeding the expectations of high-level growers with THC percentages greater than 30%.

Organoleptic properties

Do Si Dos has a very complete terpene profile and has an intense fragrance designed to conquer the nose of any experienced smoker.

The aroma of Do Si Dos is complex, with earthy, citrus, spicy and floral nuances that will make your senses explode.

Do Si Dos cannabis offers a powerful and dense flavor in the mouth that leaves a sweet and earthy trail, very pleasant.


Do Si Two high-level effects, its high concentration of cannabinoids makes it ideal for medicinal applications of all kinds.

A body blow that eliminates all types of stress or psychological burden, leaving a deep feeling of relief and relaxation.

Its effect is characteristic of varieties with high Indica genetics, although it has a certain psychoactivity that causes a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Strain specifications:


Grand Gru Genetics


Feminized Seed


(GSC - OGKB x Face Off OG) x Apple Fritter (R)


60 - 65 days


Medium - High


25 - 30%


Earthy, citrus, kush


Indica Hybrid



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