Lemon Haze - Auto

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Lemon Haze Auto is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is the result of crossing Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze with Ruderalis genetics, creating an autoflowering version of the classic Lemon Haze strain. It has a strong citrus aroma and flavor with notes of lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

This strain has a balanced hybrid effect that starts with a cerebral and euphoric high that is uplifting and energizing. It then transitions into a more relaxing and calming body high that is ideal for relieving stress and tension. Lemon Haze Auto is also known for its medicinal properties, particularly for treating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

In terms of growing, Lemon Haze Auto is a compact plant that grows to a height of 90-130 cm and produces large, dense buds covered in a thick layer of resin. It has a flowering time of around 9-11 weeks from seed to harvest and can produce a high yield of up to 450 grams per square meter. This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing and is easy to cultivate even for beginners.

Strain specifications Lemon Haze - Auto:


Feminized, Automatic


Lemon Haze x Ruderalis 


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Outdoor yield:

Up to 200 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

400 - 500 gr/m²


90 - 130 cm


17 - 19%



Harvest time: 

9 - 11 weeks after germination


Lemon, citrus, fruity


Creative, motivated, focus, calm, relaxing, uplifting, energetic


Help to relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress

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