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OG Mars Chippewa - Feminized

Size: 3+1 Seeds
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Originally from the Bay Area, California, OG Mars received our care by hybridizing with a Body Bix of our design.

Strains with planet names such as “Mars” are usually given to those that have been grown indoors and then moved to to complete the growing cycle outdoor.

The end result is a dense bud with a high flower-to-leaf ratio that produces a dense and reflective body effect.

With its subtle and slightly pungent taste, fresh and dry aroma, Mars OG II is one of our best genetics.

Like all the prevailing indica it lends itself to alleviate pain of various kinds and helps sleep.

Additional information OG Mars Chippewa - Feminized

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 135 × 30 × 70 cm
Seed sex



3 seeds, 6 seeds

Seed type

Non auto

Cannabis type





30% sativa 70% indica

Flowering length

9 weeks



Finishing height

Average height


OG Kush an hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and a Pakistani Hindu Kush landrace strain that was developed and cultivated by indoor growers in the San Fernando Valley. Mars OG II is a cross between a northern California strain with a Dutch Hindu Kush
strain, bred in Florida.


Mars OG II has a fresh and slightly pungent aroma, its dry taste is reminiscent of dry white wine, sometimes with lemongrass aromas


La OG Mars Chippewa is a prevalent indica with a relaxing and numb effect. Greatly used to help in mild physical pains, it offers a good CBD component


Medium height, small and compact but distributed flowers. Strong body, typical indica leaves, usually a nice dark green. It can also be grown in cool / cold
environments. It gives its best outdoors but is also suitable for well-ventilated grow boxes

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