The Road to Cannabis Legalization in Germany: A Brief Overview


Germany has embarked on a progressive journey towards cannabis legalization. The country initially legalized medical cannabis in 2017, making it accessible to patients with specific health conditions. This landmark decision marked the first step towards destigmatizing cannabis and recognizing its therapeutic potential.

In early 2022, Germany took another groundbreaking leap by passing a law that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. This move reflected the shifting attitudes towards cannabis and set the stage for further discussions on broader legalization.

After the press conference held on August 16, 2023, the Cabinet moved forward with the adoption of a draft law known as "Cannabis Control Law" (CanG). This law, structured around the 2-pillar framework, primarily focuses on the first pillar, allowing adults for private and community-based non-commercial self-cultivation for self-consumption. This permits adults to grow up to 3 cannabis plants impacting the cannabis seeds market significantly.

The Potential of the German Market

The German cannabis market is poised for exponential growth. According to market researchers, the legal cannabis market in Germany is estimated to be worth over €5 billion by 2025. This projection underscores the tremendous potential for seeds retailers and businesses to thrive in the German market.

Germany's population of over 83 million presents a vast customer base eager to explore the world of cannabis. As cannabis becomes increasingly normalized, consumer demand is expected to soar, creating opportunities for those who can provide high-quality cannabis seeds and products.

Questions and Answers on Cannabis Law



1. Who can grow cannabis privately?

Adults who do residence or habitual residence in Germany may grow up to three cannabis plants simultaneously for the purpose of self-consumption in their place of residence or habitual residence. The number of three cannabis plants is valid for every age of a household.

2. What and how much can be grown privately?

It is permitted to grow a total of up to three cannabis plants simultaneously for the purpose of self-consumption or cannabis plants for non-commercial use. All of the cannabis or cannabis plants beyond the number of three beyond cannabis or cannabis plants are to be destroyed immediately and completely.

3. How do i get cannabis seeds for private self-growing?

Cannabis seeds may be introduced from EU member states for the purpose of private self-cultivation. A purchase via the Internet or at a distance and shipping to Germany is permitted. In addition, up to seven cannabis seeds or five cuttings per month of cultivation associations may be passed on to adult non-members, provided that the cannabis seeds and cuttings have been created in joint self-cultivation. In this case, non-members must reimburse the costs incurred for the production of the cannabis seeds or cuttings.

4. Can cannabis be passed on to the third parties from private cultivation?

No. Cannabis from private self-cultivation must not be passed on to third parties.

5. What needs to be considered when growing privately?

Appropriate safety precautions are to be taken to protect the cultivated cannabis, cannabis plants and cannabis seeds from access by children, youth and third parties. This includes keeping cannabis plants, harvested hashish and marijuana in lockable cabinets or spaces. In addition, no unreasonable harassment and disturbances for the neighbourhood may be caused. Odour nuisance must be avoided by ventilation or air filter systems.

Alice Seeds: Your Partner in Growth

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