Black Domina - Feminized (V3)

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Black Domina V3, a remarkable strain with a touch of mystique, embodies a harmonious blend of qualities that set it apart in the world of cannabis. While it boasts moderate THC levels and a swift flowering period, it is in its exceptional flavor and effects that its true allure lies. A strain that defies easy description, Black Domina V3's unique character is instantly recognizable.

Crafted for the discerning grower, Black Domina V3 exhibits stability and refinement. Its growth demands little fuss, though it may pose a challenge to beginners seeking optimal results. Robust and bushy, it features a central cola surrounded by sturdy branches that reach for the sky. With an indoor height of under 40 centimeters and an outdoor stature below two meters, this strain lends itself to indoor cultivation, making it ideal for pruning and employing techniques like SOG or SCROG. Its aroma is captivating, permeating the air with its potency.

What truly distinguishes Black Domina V3 is its remarkable resin production, boasting a thick layer of crystals and oversized calyxes. It's a visual spectacle, especially when illuminated by light.

Indoors, this strain requires just 50 to 55 days of flowering and can yield up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors, expect even more generous harvests, with up to 700 grams per plant. Notably resistant to pests and nutrient imbalances, diligent care in the final stages of growth will ensure maximum yield.

Black Domina V3 adapts well to Mediterranean climates, making it a suitable choice for growers in such regions. To prevent moisture-related issues, schedule the harvest early October.

Describing the taste of Black Domina V3 is a challenge in itself. Earthy undertones intertwine with hints of spice and citrus, while some enthusiasts liken it to an intense and exotic lemon-lime soda. The smoke is dense, leaving its delectable flavor lingering in the mouth. Among feminized marijuana seeds, none share quite the same taste.

The effects of Black Domina V3 are enduring and profound, casting a soothing, Indica-driven relaxation that can lull even the most seasoned user to sleep. For those seeking relief from insomnia, this strain may offer respite. It's advisable to check your fridge in advance, as Black Domina V3 is known to stimulate a hearty appetite.

In summary, Black Domina V3 is a strain that marries the best of cannabis characteristics. Its potency, flavor, and resilience make it a choice worth savoring for connoisseurs and experienced growers alike. Indulge in the enigmatic charm of Black Domina V3, a true gem in the world of feminized marijuana strains.

Strain specifications Black Domina - Feminized (V3):


Feminized, Photoperiod







Outdoor yield:

Up to 700 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

400 - 500 gr/m2


19 - 23%



Flowering time:

7 - 8 weeks

Outdoor harvest:

Early October


Citrus, earthy, spicy


Body high, sleepy, relaxing, hungry


Help to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, depression

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