Black Toffee - Auto

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70%  SATIVA  -  30%  INDICA  10% RUDERALIS

THC:  21,50% 

CBD:  0,45%  

CBN:  0,40%  


  • Larry Bubba x Gelato #41 Auto.

Short description:

  • The Black Toffee Auto is a cross of the Famous Larry Bubba, a powerful cross of Bubba Kush and Larry OG, mixed with our Gelato 41 Auto and its beautiful flower structure. The combination creates a beautiful mix that expresses a strong coffee aroma, combined with some deep red fruit notes that brings some sweetness to the cross.


  • The effects are perfect to keep going the whole day with a relaxing feeling of well being in the whole body, not too strong for people who do not want to stay stoned the whole day, or people that would like to keep their day busy.


  • The taste of the Black Toffee is first a potent coffee-like aroma that will fill your tongue and palate, and then comes the second profile of red fruit and sweetness that will cover the coffee aroma and blend into a beautiful combination of sweet and bitter, with a light OG background on the exhale.


  • Flowering Cycle: 8 Weeks
  • Yield: Medium - High
  • Average Height: 140cm


  • Harvest: 8 weeks flowering time
  • Yield: 160g/plant
  • Average Height: 140cm


  • Not yet introduced.

Product Info:

The plants grow vigorously with a main top that will overgrow the secondary branches and create a powerful main flower that dominate the canopy.

It is resistant to different techniques such as topping or LST. The flowers will turn into beautiful conic shaped flowers with small calyxes and covered in glittery resin all the way down to the leaves.

It will often turn into a beautiful yellow to purple hues at the end of flowering.

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