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Introducing Critical Juice Auto, our homage to the legendary superstar Critical Mass, skillfully crafted for an exceptional taste and effect.

Critical Mass is already celebrated as a pinnacle of skunk genetics, cherished by cultivators and breeders alike. Countless hybrids have sprung from its genetic heritage.

Critical Juice Auto boasts a rapid flowering cycle, completing its transformation in a mere 70 days. This strain is nothing short of enchanting, with its captivating aesthetics featuring designer leaves and enchanting orange pistils that capture your heart.

Cultivating this strain is a breeze, making it an ideal choice for novice or amateur growers. However, even seasoned experts will find joy in nurturing this exceptional seed. Notably, it exhibits a high resistance to common pests, further enhancing its appeal.

Indoors, Critical Juice Auto proves to be an appreciative plant, adapting seamlessly to various environments. It occupies minimal space and requires little maintenance. A simple photoperiod of 18 to 20 hours of light during its 70-day growth and flowering phase is all it needs. This compact skunk autoflower has the potential to yield an impressive 400 grams per square meter. Given its physical attributes, employing the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is recommended, provided the plants have adequate space, as they reach just over half a meter in height.

Outdoors, cultivating Critical Juice Auto is a straightforward endeavor. With a height slightly exceeding one meter, it's a discreet option that can thrive on balconies and terraces. Expect a harvest of over 190 grams per plant, especially when strategically planted between March and October to receive ample sunlight. For those residing in regions where temperatures never dip below 10 degrees Celsius, alternative planting times are possible. To simplify cultivation, try maintaining the same pot from start to finish, avoiding the need for transplantation.

This seed is an essential addition to any collection for those who adore the classic skunk flavor. Critical Juice Auto, an autoflowering marijuana seed, faithfully preserves the essence of the dense, sweet smoke that defines Critical Mass – earthy and citrussy, with fruity and sweet undertones. Its presence will leave a refreshing, purifying ambiance in the room.

With a robust up to 21% THC content that's prominently noticeable, it offers a highly psychoactive experience. As an indica-dominant strain, it provides a stimulating yet profoundly relaxing effect, inviting total serenity and repose.

Strain specifications Critical Juice - Auto:


Feminized, Automatic


Critical Mass x Alice's clone



Outdoor yield:

Up to 190 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

350 - 400 gr/m²


50 - 80 cm


16 - 21%



Harvest time: 

9 - 10 weeks after germination


Sweet, earthy, citrus, spice, pine


Euphoric, relaxing, body high, clear-head


Help to relieve pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression

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