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Dulce Dank Cannabis Strain: Cereal Milk x La Bomba

Dulce Dank is a cross between Cereal Milk and La Bomba, two US cannabis varieties.

The parental Cereal Milk by Cookies Fam, it is based on Cookies, Cherry Pie and Snowman. It offers a very creamy, strong sweetened milk terpene.

La Bomba strain, the other parental, was used as a reverted female pollen donor. It provides meaning to Dulce Dank and the rest of the La Bomba edition varieties. It is a cross between Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato. Wedding Cake is well known for its wedding cake bouquet, with a very creamy and sweet aroma, which together with Jet Fuel Gelato (one of the first varieties by Compound Genetics) results in a hybrid of complex and creamy aromas with a OG shade.

Dulce Dank strain, cannabis with high THC level and high-quality tight buds

Dulce Dank is not a demanding plant during cultivation. It grows easily in all types of substrates with no need of much nutrition. Its vigour and Sativa growth pattern help it easily adapt to techniques such as SOG and SCROG. With a flowering photoperiod at 12 hours of darkness, it is ready to harvest after about 9.5 weeks. It offers a THC level over 25%. Dulce Dank is not a super-producer, but it offers compact flowers of excellent quality with unique organoleptic properties.

Dulce Dank produces a forceful yet progressive effect over time, beginning with a motivating feeling and very sensitive sense of humour, progressing to a very pleasant body and mental relaxation. It is not recommended for activities where concentration is essential.



Cereal Milk x La Bomba


Indica Sativa

Flowering time:

8.5-9.5 weeks

Outdoor harvest:





Creamy, berry, fruity, citrus, gas



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