Lemon Haze Elite - Feminized

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Unveiling the Genetics of Lemon Haze Elite

Lemon Haze Elite is the remarkable result of combining an elite Super Lemon OG clone with a carefully selected Amnesia Haze strain. This union yields a vigorously growing plant with an impressive cannabinoid profile, accompanied by an irresistible citrus aroma.

Cultivating Lemon Haze Elite

This strain exhibits rapid and slender growth, eliminating the need for an extended vegetative phase before transitioning to the flowering stage. Based on our test crops, germinating the seeds under a 12/12 photoperiod in 3.5L pots has proven to be highly effective, showcasing the variety's exceptional potential.

Lemon Haze Elite is a beginner-friendly strain known for its resistance to pests, making it an ideal choice for novice cultivators.

Taste and Effects Lemon Haze Elite - Feminized

Lemon Haze Elite boasts a captivating aroma and flavor reminiscent of the finest Haze strains, featuring prominent lemony notes accentuated by delightful earthy and spicy undertones.

The effects primarily target the cerebral and euphoric realms, making it a must-try for recreational users. It significantly enhances creativity, uplifts mood, and is perfect for socializing with friends.

Strain specifications Lemon Haze Elite - Feminized: 


Feminized, Photoperiod


Amnesia Haze x Super Lemon OG



Indica: 35%

Outdoor yield:

Up to 2000 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

500 - 600 gr/m²





Flowering time:

8 - 9 weeks

Outdoor harvest:

Early October (Northern Hemisphere)

Early April (Southern Hemisphere)


Haze, lemon, citrus, earthy, spicy


Cerebral, euphoric, uplifting, creative, talkative


Help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression

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