Melon Madness – Feminized

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Melon Madness – Feminized Cannabids Seeds

Our pineapplemadness 30, Aka terps bomb, crossed with the infamous FrescaMelon .

Fresca Melon (zkittlezXwatermalonzkittlez) a sativa leaning plant with short flowering period bred by @dyingbreedseeds and selected from our bro @lachanviere.

This cut recently join in our library for her amazing flavor like sweet cantaloupe melon\apricot with acid tropical notes like passion fruit. Watermelon kittlez heritage give her an amazing resin production.

We won the @dutchflowermagazine cup with our rosin jam from this amazing cut in solventless  category with the best score ever.

From this cross you can expect sativa leaning plant with a big stretch ready in 60\65 days.

All pheno show an amazing terps profile from ripped malon to almost acrid pineapple.

A really wild range of terps where you’ll find your favourite expression.

Mother lineage: Pineapple Madness #30

Father lineage: Fresca Melon (Dyingbreed/ Lachanvriere)

Flowering time: 60/70 days

Height: Tall, can stretch a lot

Yield: Heavy

Smell and taste: Fresh Cantaloupe Melon

Resin production: Sandy, medium return, tropical notes


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