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A backcross of our champion of IC420MAG 2019 indica breeder Orange Groovye (Orange Cookies X 26mm) and the 26 mm (Zcube2XAllen Wrench) In-House Genetics

Orange Cookie from Obsoul33t Genetics was selected a few year ago from a small batch of seeds but we were lucky enough to found our best orange profile terp of freshly squeezed blood orange with some cookie sweetness undertones.
This plant has a fat cookie like structure with big internodal distance in a really good yield.
She can turn completely purple in the last weeks of flowering.

From this backcross is born our most vigorous and tall plant, with very shinning dank buds will make happy any kind of grower.

Is a perfect mix of yield, resin production, resin quality and terps.

Terps are fresh orange with undertones of candy z.

Mother lineage: Orange Groovy (Orange Cookies X 26mm)

Father lineage: 26mm (Allen Wrench X Z Cube) from In-House Genetics

Flowering time: 55/65 days

Height: Tall and vigorous

Yield: Amazing

Smell and taste: Purple orange zkittlez and gas

Resin production: Amazing

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