Pure CBD Punch 22 - Feminized

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Pure CBD Punch 22

High-quality results with the best performance

Pure CBD Punch 22 has been created in Europe, coming from a breeding program which included several strains and hybrids. After finding the plant with the desired traits, the selection and reproduction programs started in Uruguay, where the feminised seeds are produced.

Stability, the starting point

Without a doubt, achieving homogeneous and reliable results has been the main goal of our Breeding De- partment. After testing and studying different genetic combinations, we finally found a plant that delivers con- sistent results, with almost identical individuals in terms of growth pattern and vigour and, even more importantly, with regard to cannabinoid content and organoleptic properties.

The fruit of all this effort leads to homogeneous crops and consistent yields, with plants that exhibit high resistance to the most common pests in cannabis and suitable for all types of environment, whether it is grown indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses.

Genetics Pure CBD Punch 22 - Feminized

  • Seed origin: Uruguay
  • Genetics: Session x Session
  • Genotype: Mostly sativa hybrid
  • Type: Dioecious
  • Chemotype
  • THC/CBD ratio < 1/24
  • THC content (inflorescences) < 0.3%
  • CBD content (inflorescences) > 9-16%
  • Cultivation
  • Growth cycle: Average
  • Biomass production: High
  • Flowering period: 65/75 days
  • Yield: 600g/m2 indoors, up to 1kg per plant outdoors
  • Harvest (South hemisphere): Early April
  • Harvest (North hemisphere): Early October
  • Female ratio: 99%
  • Germination ratio: 99%
  • Number of leaflets in fully-opened leaves: 5
  • Resistant to high temperatures and pests

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