Purple Kush - Feminized (V3)

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Many of you have already savored the delights of this hybrid indica variety adorned with violet, lilac, and purple blossoms, juxtaposed against its vibrant green foliage. In the year 2017, a genetic breakthrough unveiled the perfect union between the esteemed Afghan paradise of Hindu Kush and the versatile Black Domina, resulting in a vigorous, resilient, and potent specimen.

Purple Kush epitomizes the art of flourishing. Within a mere 60 days, your garden will be graced with a spectacular display of colors and fragrances, as hints of purple begin to emerge in the resin-laden buds, starting around the fourth week. Both visually and sensually, the evolving plant is a genuine spectacle to behold. Its sweetness is so irresistible that it might tempt the occasional pest, but fret not: it boasts natural resistance to mites and the treatments required to combat them. Cultivating Purple Kush will make you feel like you're nurturing a plant that resembles purple cotton candy.

With these feminized marijuana seeds, you can reap a bountiful harvest with minimal effort, as this hybrid is not overly finicky. While it was crafted with the most seasoned growers in mind, even beginners can cultivate it in virtually any climate and witness the growth of a magnificent plant adorned with glistening trichomes and resinous flowers. It thrives both indoors and outdoors, maintaining a high THC content (above 22%) and a low CBD content (below 0.05%), characteristic of top-notch indica strains. In a Mediterranean outdoor setting, your Purple Kush could reach towering heights of up to two meters, yielding a crop of up to 800 grams per square meter. The choice between employing a ScrOG netting or indulging in the patience of low-stress training is entirely yours.

Anticipate the harvest in October, and rest assured that your plant will thrive with modest, natural fertilization, eliminating the need for complex nutrient regimes. The spectrum of purple hues and the degree of coloration may vary depending on the phenotype, but the flavor of Purple Kush consistently stands unmatched. While the earthy and piney notes are inherited from its Black Domina parent, the dominant Kush lineage imparts delectable fruity undertones reminiscent of peaches, grapes, or wild berries.

Indulging in Purple Kush is an entirely nocturnal adventure. With this strain, you embark on a delectable crescendo that ignites your mind and subsequently leaves you in a state of relaxed serenity. However, its indica sedative effects are gentle, ensuring you remain calm rather than overwhelmed. This variety is particularly recommended for alleviating migraines and headaches, especially those triggered by stress—an authentic cerebral journey characterized by sophistication.

Strain specifications Purple Kush - Feminized (V3):


Feminized, photoperiod


Hindu Kush x Black Domina





Outdoor yield:

Up to 800 gr/plant

Indoor yield:

550 - 650 gr/m²


22 - 24%



Flowering time:

7 - 8 weeks

Outdoor harvest:

Early October


Earthy, pines, fruity, sweet


Sedative, relaxing, giggly, sleepy, hungry


Help to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite

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