Sugarlato - Auto

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30%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  10% RUDERALIS

THC:  21,00% 

CBD:  0,40%  

CBN:  0,20%  


  • King’s Tart x Gelato #41 Auto .


  • The effects of the Sugarlato are quick and strong, but it is not a long-lasting effect and it will leave after a little time, making it a good strain for people that do not want to stay stoned for too long, and get back to work.


  • Flowering Cycle: 8-9 Weeks
  • Yield: Medium


  • Harvest: 8 weeks flowering time
  • Yield: 150g/plant
  • Average Height: 140cm


  • Not yet introduced.

Product Info:

The Sugarlato Auto is our latest expression of the Gelato in autoflowering form. We wanted to add some potency and an extra sweetness and creaminess, which we accomplished by crossing it with the King’s Tart.

The result is a beautiful plant that will not grow very tall, medium-sized but with beautiful broad and heavy flowers all over the branches.

The Sugarlato will grow in compact form with the secondary branches staying close to the main stem, but producing many flower sites with short internodal space, producing some beautiful long flowers that will connect together and will be covered in a glittery and sticky resin. 

The aroma that comes from the plant is very sweet and creamy during the flowering time, and it will turn into an earthier note after the harvest and during consumption. A perfect balance of the Gelato-sweetness and a special taste, with the fruity and creamy notes from the King’s Tart.

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