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In response to a large number of inquiries about suitable cannabis varieties for hot and humid tropical climates, like South East Asia and Thailand, we have created this official guide for growers. Outdoor growing can be challenging in such climates due to factors such as weather conditions and the risk of mold and fungus growth. While many believe Sativa strains to be the best option, they are actually more susceptible to mold growth in hot and humid conditions. Heavy rain, which can occur at any time of the year, can also be a major threat to harvests. To mitigate this risk, we recommend using greenhouses or protective measures during the final weeks of flowering. For these reasons, we highly suggest growing autoflowering strains as they have a shorter flowering time and less time for mold and humidity issues to develop. We have provided a list of some of the strongest strains for big growers to start with. With proper maintenance, these strains are sure to grow successfully.

Basic Seeds – Excellent ratio quality and price


Classic Genetics is created through a cross of Original Haze and Northern Light. Despite being a potent sativa, it boasts a fast flowering time and high productivity, with a abundance of trichomes and an energetic effect. This marijuana plant is robust, growing to an average height with ease, and producing resin-rich, elongated buds that are dense and hard. Its taste is sweet and reminiscent of red fruits, with an aroma that is unmistakably Amnesia.


This strain is characterized by fast vegetative growth, large, delicate leaves, and fast flowering with abundant yields. Its ease of care and high production make it a standout, while its unmistakable aroma sets it apart. Its flavor is intense and citrusy, with a fruitiness that lingers on the tongue, and its strong active effect is perfect for relaxation.

Gorilla Glue

The feminized American strain, a cross between Sour Dubb, Chem Sister, and Chocolate Diesel, has become a legend in its own right. It boasts medium, vigorous growth and high yields, with thick branches covered in resin-covered buds and an abundance of trichomes. The potency of this strain is unparalleled, with some phenotypes reaching a THC level of 30%. Its aroma and flavor are a harmonious blend of lemon, pine wood, earthy, and sweet notes. The relaxing effect of this strain eases stress while inducing feelings of joy and positivity.

OG Kush

Indica-dominant seeds yield sturdy plants with a medium build and easy cultivation. Its many branches produce dense, compact buds arranged in clusters, making it an excellent choice for a mother plant. The aroma is unforgettable, a dynamic blend of diesel and undertones of citrus and berries. Its potency is unmatched, providing an intense, euphoric, trance-like effect.

Other suggestion: Black Domina and Banana Kush are two exceptional strains with robust terpenes and impressive strength.


Basic Seeds – Excellent quality, average price

Afghan Mango Juice

Boasting 90% indica genetics and a THC level of 18%, this marijuana strain offers a highly relaxing effect. Its versatility allows for successful growth both indoors and outdoors, and its resistance to pests and fungi make it a hardy choice for growers.

Auto Wonder Bomb

The Wonder Bomb Auto stands out as a unique gem among autoflowering cannabis seeds, known for its candy-like, sweet and sour, forest flavor and relaxing effect. Its stability has earned it a reputation as a favorite among growers.

Critical Juice

This marijuana seed boasts an exceptional and fast yield, with a sweet flavor and a flowering period of around 50-55 days. It produces dense buds, making it a valuable choice for growers.

Indica Juice

As a 100% indica feminized cannabis seed, this strain is low-maintenance and offers ease in cultivation. Its broad leaves and densely packed branches, as well as its dense buds, make it easily recognizable. Known for its suitability for high-quality extractions and resistance to pests and moisture, this strain is highly regarded by many growers.

White Domina Juice

The White Domina strain is nearly 100% Indica and showcases vigorous growth from its early shoots. With its large central bud and well-formed branches, it is a pleasant surprise for growers. Stabilized and refined, it was specifically crafted for the discerning grower.

Premium Seeds – Higher price & Gurranted Satisaised

Afghan Indica

This Indica-dominant variety has a bloom time of 8 weeks, making it a great option for outdoor growing. With its strength and resistance, it is a hardy choice. Its sweet, musky aroma, and productive yield make it a desirable option for growers.

Amnesia Origin

Amnesia Origin is a favorite among growers due to its impressive yield in a relatively short bloom time of 9 to 10 weeks, especially for its close sativa genetics. Its high demand and premium price make it a highly desirable choice for cultivation.

If you have any inquiries regarding which strains are best suited for your specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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